The love of swimming starts here... teach them a skill for life!

Whether your child is a beginner, improver or even an advanced level swimmer our award winning Kingfisher Swim Academy has something to help your child improve their swimming confidence and skills even further!


We are back with a new term of Children's Swimming lessons. Beginning week starting 6th January for 8 weeks.
Let us teach your child the joy of swimming. Call 091 773344 to book your place today.


At the Kingfisher Fitness Club we are known for our top standards of teaching.

At the Kingfisher Fitness Club we are known for our top standards of teaching. We believe that encouragement, patience and clear instruction are essential to help your child feel more at home in the water.


Swimming is a skill kids will love for life and it’s important for parent’s peace of mind too. Our nationally-recognised programme teaches swimming through a great mix of fun activities and they’ll soon become safe, competent and confident swimmers in:




All swimming teachers at our Renmore centre are fully qualified and dedicated to helping your child develop their skills with a laugh, splash and a giggle along the way!


During the swim course, old skills will be perfected and new skills learned. Following these weekly sessions, your child will show major progress in the water. Swimming is also an excellent form of exercise for your child and something you can do together for fun as a family.


When children have achieved all the elements within their stage of the swimming plan, they can move onto the next one. Our expert coaches conduct individual end-of-term assessments and advise the best way forward for your child.

Please note: Our pool environment is constantly manned by one of our trained lifeguards to ensure a fully safe pool environment for all members and guest.

Kingfisher Swim Academy - Pathway to Swimming Excellence


LEVEL 0 (Non Swimmers)

  • Understanding of basic pool rules
  • Enter and exit pool safely with assistance
  • Walk in water with shoulders submerged
  • Scoop water & Wash face
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Kick at wall with a woggle around hips
  • Float on front & back with two floats (woggle) and assistance
  • Regain feet from a floating position with an aid and assistance

LEVEL 1 (Beginner)

  • Understanding of basic pool rules
  • Enter and exit pool safely with assistance
  • Entry to water from sitting position
  • Walk with shoulders submerged and blow bubbles
  • Kick at wall face submerged
  • Kick on front with aid unassisted
  • Kick on back with aid unassisted
  • Regain feet from floating with an aid unassisted

LEVEL 2 (Stronger Beginner)

  • Understanding of basic pool rules
  • Enter and exit pool safely without assistance
  • Push and glide on front and back with aid unassisted
  • Front crawl kick arms outstretched 3 metres
  • Backstroke kick arms by side 3 metres
  • Regain feet without aid unassisted
  • Pick up items from pool floor
  • Star float on front and back

LEVEL 3 (Improver)

  • Safe entry from a sitting position
  • Floating position on front and back for 10 seconds
  • Front crawl arm action with board 5 metres
  • Backstroke arm action with board 5 metres
  • Demonstrate breaststroke arm & leg action individually
  • Rotate 360 degrees without touching the pool floor
  • Push and glide on front & back regain feet
  • Demonstrate body and head rotation for breathing

LEVEL 4 (Stronger Improver)

  • Demonstrate a sitting dive and glide
  • Push and glide on front and back holding glide for 2 meters
  • Tread water using an aid for 15 seconds
  • Sculling while floating
  • Turn from front to back while swimming
  • Front crawl 8 metres breathing to the side
  • Backstroke 8 metres keeping head still
  • Breaststroke 5 meters

LEVEL 5 (Deep End Starter)

  • Rules and safety skills while swimming in deep water
  • Push off under water and kick in streamlined position
  • Swim front crawl for 10 meters breathing to the side
  • Swim backstroke for 10 meters turning hand out
  • Swim breast stroke for 8m
  • Tread Water 30 seconds
  • Push, glide and surface dive to retrieve object from pool floor
  • Pencil dive

LEVEL 6 (Deep End Swimmer)

  • Demonstrate a kneeling and crouching dive and swim out
  • Surface dive and retrieve object from pool floor
  • Demonstrate understanding of bi-lateral breathing
  • Tread water head clear of water for 30 seconds then swim 12m
  • Swim 2x12m front crawl with good technique breathing without stopping
  • Swim 2x12m backstroke with good technique without stopping
  • Swim 10m breaststroke & Butterfly kick 12m
  • Using a pull buoy scull 10m on front head first and feet first

Enquire About Kids Swim Classes

If you have any questions about our Kids Swimming Classes please get in touch, we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.